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    Welcome to "The Festival Within the Festival!" Nearly all of our shows now have EXPANDED pass-holder access and some have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATE by using a promotional code within "General Admission!" We at PDX Playwrights are honored to once again uphold our reputation for robust creativity with an outstanding offering of new readings and performances as part of Fertile Ground. We invite you to explore a vibrant garden of new work taking root: from the challenges of immigration to a vaudeville jukebox musical. With 20 plays of varying lengths among 13 shows and a wide assortment of topics and forms, PDX Playwrights offers something for nearly everyone. Roam from a wild examination of the cultural layers of bullfighting (the winning play from our workshop collaboration with CoHo Theatre) to provocative 10-minute pieces from our Epic Shorts: Strange Burdens contest—to mention but a few.

    Sink your toes into this rich dramatic soil and you’ll get a sense of the impressive variety of voices sprouting in our work. Our delectable baker's dozen of matinees, twilight, and evening shows run Tuesday, April 16 through Sunday, April 21, 2024. We hope the thrill of encountering these new plays will produce a festival within you.

    Tickets to PDX Playwrights performance events are only $15 each. Again, many of our shows have a special discount using a promotional code within the General Admission purchase. All of our shows will appear at Chapel Theatre, 4107 SE Harrison St, Milwaukie.


    PDX Playwrights in association with CoHo Theatre
    by Dylan Hankins
    Winning playwright from Scenario!

    In the hopes of dispelling some common misconceptions regarding the hotly-debated topic of bullfighting, an unnamed narrator tells us the story of Víctor, an arrogant matador, and Floripondio, a notoriously murderous bull. However, much to our narrator's chagrin, at every twist and turn he is faced with humanity's grotesque and melodramatic inhumanity—bringing into question not only the ethics of bullfighting, but also the ethics of veganism, murder, capitalism, activism, fame, and sex. What's right? What's wrong? Why do matadors dress like sexy ballet dancers? Find out more in Faena.

    This play will be presented in Castilian Spanish but will be interpreted live in American English.

    NOTE: This year, PDX Playwrights and CoHo Theatre announced an intensive collaborative playwriting workshop called Scenario, through which Faena was selected. As part of the experience, 18 participants were invited to submit proposals for Fertile Ground 2024. The winning result by Dylan Hankins captures the thrill, commitment, and skill of the Scenario collaboration, and with it our gratitude to all supporting the work of emerging voices.