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    Rogue Pack (RP) produces their first film. Diving into Hollywood nostalgia, Charlie Chaplin-style, “The Masked Villain of Sellwood,” is a black and white silent movie directed and written by Randy Sean Schulman, Rogue Pack Theatre Collective’s (RPC) on-camera acting teacher. It is inspired by stories written by teen participants in Oregon Youth Authority custody during RP workshops conducted by Myronie McKee and Ann Singer at Janus Youth Programs. RPC students act in the film along with local actors, their parents, families and other adults and children throughout the Sellwood Community who came out to be extras. We took advantage of Sellwood Moreland’s many historic sites and filmed everything on location with the help of our partners in the Moreland Community – at the historic Pioneer Church, Reed College, Sellwood Community House, in private residences and on the railroad tracks. Summary: With the second industrial revolution in full swing, a genius boy’s broken home leads him to search for a mother’s affection. He invents an electronic device that alters parts of the brain responsible for love and memory. When Nora Flynn (The Bride) is kidnapped by the boy on her wedding day, it will take the bravery and nimble-wit of her young daughter — along with a bunch of little rascals — to save her. Will this gang of misfits bring home the bride before her memories are hijacked forever? And if the young villain’s plan is derailed, can he be redeemed and discover acceptance and friendship?