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    "Blue Girl and the Burning Bushes" unfolds as a captivating Science-Fiction Rave Opera, narrating the post-"Second Coming" world where the celestial rapture occurred in 2000. Blue Girl, a half-human, half-goddess pop star turned superheroine, returns to Earth to reveal the overlooked divine event and assess if redemption is still possible. Alongside her are The Burning Bushes, a radiant Pleiadean sister goddesses band, orchestrating a spectacle blending circus acts, puppetry, and a chakra-journey dance concert with '90s Trance EDM beats. Scheduled for a staged reading by April 2024, the final production boasts a collaborative dream team, including Chris Herring for lighting, Nicholas Emerson for composition, Patsy Morris for choreography, and Faerin Millington and Matthew Stowers for puppet design. The cast features local drag queens, exotic dancers, and circus artists. Guided by Eliza Jane Schneider, the visionary behind the project, the opera fulfills Blue Girl's insistence for her own musical since their first meeting at Burning Man in 1994. This cosmic journey weaves spirituality, redemption, and the vibrant energy of a bygone era into an epic tale ready to transport audiences across time and space.