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  • The Toxic Avenger

    Jan 31, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020

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    Rorschach Theatre’s first musical follows Melvin Ferd the Third, who is dumped into a vat of radioactive toxic waste, only to reemerge as The Toxic Avenger, a superhero hell-bent on cleaning up America. A seven-foot mutant freak with superhuman strength and a heart as big as Newark, he’s out to end global warming*, woo the blind librarian in town, and save the world. Based on the cult classic Troma film, THE TOXIC AVENGER, and directed by Helen Hayes Award Winner Tracy Lynn Olivera, this show will be like nothing you’ve ever seen!

    * We won’t make you think about actual global warming in this comedy about global warming. We might make you cheer when the arms are ripped off of climate change deniers, but we promise we won’t make you think. Unless, you know, that’s your thing. "We are what you see" after all…

    The Silver Spring Blackbox
    8641 Colesville Road
    Silver Spring, MD 20910

    Run Time
    2 hours with 1 intermission